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CHC White Paper- The Customer In Charge

The Customer In Charge

Consumer Health Connections (CHC) reports on how clients use its virtual meeting platform. Telepresence technology has been employed for work injuries in the past, but in very limited ways. CHC’s launch in 2016 came with a promise that their technology was easy to use and adaptable and would support uses in many arenas such as workers’ compensation, auto and other risk products. This promise was fulfilled in the first year, putting work comp customers in charge!

Compliance Issues for Telemedicine in Workers’ Comp

Compliance Issues for Telemedicine in Workers’ Comp

With today’s rapid expansion of telehealth, there is a rapidly growing body of formal guidance. States are passing laws, and there is a range of statutory guidance from some states passing omnibus laws addressing questions to other states offering little guidance. Authored by noted expert Peter Rousmaniere, Compliance Issues for Telemedicine in Workers’ Comp identifies sixteen key topics organizations should address when planning to use telemedicine for workers’ compensation in a state jurisdiction.

CHC Telehealth White Paper - The Power of Telemedicine in Workers’ Comp

The Power of Telemedicine in Workers’ Comp

Telepresence is changing the landscape in healthcare and the benefits of virtual solutions are even greater in workers’ compensation than in commercial healthcare. Telehealth is achieving great success because injured workers, doctors, employers and claims payer are all motivated to use it to save time and money while enhancing the quality of care. Authored by noted expert Peter Rousmaniere, The Power of Telemedicine in Workers’ Comp, elaborates on the gains in compensability review, medical management, and return to work.

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