To Run The Connectivity Test Click The Button Below

You can select share results to e-mail the outcome of this test.

The most typical is a firewall failure.
If there is a firewall issue, contact your local network administrator or IT Manager. They will have to allow our video connection through your companies firewall.

The IP addresses are not static, they keep changing so we cannot provide direct IP addresses.

Instead, you should whitelist outbound TCP, non-SSL web traffic on port 443, and whitelist '' and '’."

Once completed run the test again.

If the tests passed and you are still having issues, refer to the below section on additional items to troubleshoot.
CHC Triage
1. Ensure your volume is turned all the way up, or the other party knows that their volume should be turned up.
Note: If on a computer that is connected to another screen via HDMI the sound will be attempting to come out of the connected display or device. If the volume of the second screen is down you will not hear audio, even if your computer volume is turned all the way up.
2. Ensure microphone and/ or speakers are connected.